Juggernot AI

Skyrocket Your Influence On Social Media With Juggernot’s AI

Turn Conversations Into Engagement → Followers → Customers

Replies FIRST to a post

📡 Track influencers you love

📮 Get notified when they post

⏳ Review & reply in seconds

🚀 Skyrocket your influence

~1/5 profile visits turn into followers

Replies to inquiries & mentions

📡 Track post mentions

📮 Get notified

❣️ Reply with empathy

✨ Respond automatically

Resolves 90% of inquiries correctly

Subtly recommends your product in conversations

📡 Track posts with “keywords”

📮 Get notified

⏳ Reply intelligently

Drive inbounds while you sleep.

Replies for conversions

Auto-replies people that resonate with your post and then, engages in DM conversations to drive sales.

3-5x your engagement and sales.

Replies for engagement

✍🏼 Human like replies in one-click

🧲 Engage effortlessly with people

🗣️ Channel your unique voice

Available on Linkedin & Twitter

Reply frequently to play the volume game


🧠 GPT-4o

⚡ Fastest response time

👣 Track people and posts

💬 Add links/images/videos to comments

🦜 Mimics your conversation style

🛡️ AI that is secure

🗣️ 60+ Languages Supported

👥 Get user info from Social Media

⛓️ Integrations available

Easy Setup

Step 1: Risk free trial

Decide your channel of engagement

Step 2: Hassle free setup

You focus on content strategy, we’ll take care of tooling, systems and integrations.

Step 3: Activate Juggernot AI

Engage and grow your customers with little to no effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it look like AI created the replies?

Nope. We have trained the AI to sound human like.

Can I make the AI sound like me?

You can add your own conversation style in the Assistant Configuration

What is the refund policy?

We're not offering refunds since there's a 7-day trial to explore the product first.

Which channels do you support?

We currently support replies on Linkedin & X/Twitter.

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